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Well-Being =
the Whole Thing

Comprehensive, Integrative Support to Help You, Your Company, and Team Scale Well.


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Primary Founder or Leader



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One Member

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Uniquely designed, dedicated support for Founders and Leaders.


Assessment and Well Plan

Monthly 1:1 Session


Live & Anonymous Group Sessions

Anonymous Spaces

Asynchronous Streams

Founder Standups

Founder Deep Sprints

Live, Expert Sessions

24/7 OnDemand Resources

+ Partners

Second-in-Command and Significant Others



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Up to 3 Members

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Get dedicated support for your cofounder, executive assistant, and/or significant other.

Get everything in SOLO Plus:

Partner Well Plans

Quarterly 1:1 Sessions

Dedicated Group Sessions

Dedicated Partner Spaces

Dedicated Partner Streams

EA Hiring/Onboarding Assistance

24/7 OnDemand Resources

+ Team

Executive / Senior Leadership Team



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Up to 8 Members

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Upgrade the exponential impact of dedicated support for your executive or senior leadership team.

Get everything in PARTNERS Plus:

Executive Well Plans

Quarterly 1:1 Sessions

Dedicated Group Sessions

Dedicated Department Spaces

Dedicated Department Streams

Leadership Standups

Leadership Deep Sprints

24/7 OnDemand Resources


Investors, Accelerators, Coaching Programs



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Improve outcomes by fully supporting portfolio and program founders, leaders, and teams.

Get everything in Team Plus:

Custom Well Plans

Dedicated 1:1 Sessions

Dedicated Group Sessions

Dedicated Portfolio Spaces

Dedicated Portfolio Streams

Portfolio Standups

Portfolio Deep Sprints

24/7 OnDemand Resources

Community Support


Plus Expert-led Growth Sessions

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A supportive peer network plus expert-led growth sessions for accountability, problem-solving, solidarity, and sharing openly in curated, safe spaces.

Includes limited access to the FounderWell platform.

Professional Help


Plus Team Coaching and Training

Get Matched

with customized support

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Hybrid and dedicated one-on-one coaching, consulting, team coaching and trainings to achieve a specific outcome within a focused time frame.

Includes full access to the FounderWell platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Group Dedicated Team Enterprise
Engage Community with Social Syncs
Founder Standups
Clarity & Accountability
Drop-In Streams
Momentum & Flow
Expert Sessions
Growth & Scale
Curated Spaces
Safe spaces for sharing without fear, stigma, or blowback.
Build Capacity with 365 Systems
Stress Recognition & Regulation
Focus & Attention
Vision & Completion
Scale Capability with Sprint Clinics
Therapeutic focused on Individuals
Therapeutic coaching and mental health support uniquely designed and aligned for the entrepreneurial experience.
Strategic focused on Companies
Dedicated, one-on-one coaching and team coaching or working sessions to provide key insights and expert guidance to achieve specific strategic outcomes within a focused time frame.
Systemic focused on Relationships
Dedicated, one-on-one, duo, or team coaching on relationship dynamics to improve and support connections, communication, and collaboration at work or home.
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Want to find out more about how FounderWell works, who we help, or how our Integrative Growth approach can help you scale well? Let’s chat! It’s a great way for us to get to know you and your needs. No obligation. No pitch. Just a conversation to connect and check if there might be a mutual fit.
Drop us a line at care [at] or book in a call:

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