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We help Founders and Leaders scale their companies -
without sacrificing what matters most or struggling in silence.

Peer and Professional Support for Integrative Growth
Designed by Experts, Re/Engineered for Entrepreneurs.

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The truth is...
You're under
a lot of pressure as a Founder and Leader.

The Struggle is Real.

The Struggle is the messy middle between idea and exit. Every great entrepreneur goes through The Struggle and although you are not alone in your experience, you may feel very alone in your capacity or ability to deal with it.

founderwell messy middle

While in The Struggle

Nothing is easy and nothing feels right.

You might be feeling...

You go on vacation to feel better and you feel worse.
Your therapist doesn't get it.
Your doctor told you to go on 'work leave'.
Decision fatigue is hitting you hard.
Insomnia is taking its toll.
Nobody takes the losses harder than you but you can't show it
- you're feeling lonely.
Wins feel like a fluke and celebrating feels fake
- you're wondering if you're just lucky.
On Friday you're fried...
yet relieved to *finally* get some work done over the weekend.
You can only give your loved ones your leftovers for so long.
You are overwhelmed, overstimulated, and under-appreciated.
You don't want to go to bed because waking up means you have to face it all again.
Sometimes you just need someone to listen, and not try to fix it.
Psychedelic medicine has piqued your interest or has you needing integration.
You're in conflict with your CoFounder.
Due diligence just might be the death of you.
You thought it would be different - this f*cking sucks.

You Don't Have to Suffer
the Struggle in Silence.


Get Heard,
Get Helped

Get expert guidance from experienced coaches and entrepreneur-aware mental health professionals.

Anonymous, drop-in, and on-demand solutions to help you navigate all the waves of high-growth entrepreneurship.

Connect with Founders who get what you're going through.

Optimized for the level and type of support you (and your closest allies) need, when you need it.


Optimized for Entrepreneurs.

One-on-One, Group, and Community Support


Access and Options


No Need to Schedule


Resources for Immediate Help


Curated, Safe Spaces.


For Founder's Dynamic Needs.


Leveraged, 24/7 Support

We Help Founders:

Our integrative growth approach brings together innovative therapeutic, strategic, and systemic support because we believe well-being means taking care of the 'whole thing'

Feel Better.

Think Better.

Connect Better.

Therapeutic Protocols

+ Coaching

Focusing on the individual, we provide research-backed, evidence-based physiological and intersectional support uniquely aligned to the entrepreneurial experience.

Strategic Programs

+ Coaching

Targeting the company at large, we leverage our depth and breadth of experience and expertise to efficiently increase organizational velocity and enterprise value.

Systemic Practices

+ Coaching

Concentrating on relationship dynamics, we steward trust and safety empowering teams to perform as a cohesive and flexible interconnected system.

Here's How We'll Start Our Work Together



Make The Plan

Our journey begins with a comprehensive kickoff and in-depth conversations to understand the unique challenges and potential of each founder, team, and company. This phase lays the groundwork for a targeted, impact-driven plan.




Find The Time

Our mission is to meet Founders where they are and provide the support they require. Our platform caters to the demanding and often unpredictable schedules of Founders, offering a range of support formats, such as on-demand and scheduled sessions, available in self-guided, one-on-one, and group settings. 




Lead The Team

Our relationships are truly the heart of wellness and business. FounderWell is the only platform designed to provide holistic, inclusive support for Founders as well as their closest allies - the partners, spouses, AND team members - all those who are joining us on this journey. 


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn


100% Happiness Guarantee

Not happy? Get a full (no-hassle) refund within 30 days.

Spolier alert. You wont be happy. You will be freakin thrilled you went with CLEAN.

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